About Us

The charity association Kolajna ljubavi was established to help the most vulnerable ones in Croatia, Tanzania, and the rest of the world. The Association founder is Ivana Marasović. One year of missionary experience among the poorest in the African country of Tanzania inspired Ivana to form an association and advance her charity work

The first objective of volunteers gathered in the association Kolajna ljubavi was to build an orphanage in one of the poorest cities of Tanzania with a high number of orphans without proper care - Songea. The orphanage named after Saint Anthony was built on church land donated by the Songean Archdiocese. The construction of the orphanage finished in July 2010, enabling the first residents to move in. The orphanage and labor costs were covered by donations, and volunteers who take care of the orphans come from Croatia. We are grateful to everyone who helped in the building of St. Anthony’s orphanage, as well as all those who help provide the food, hygiene, and other supplies for our little ones every day!

The care for the children in an orphanage is not the only activity of the association Kolajna ljubavi. Our charity project Friends of the orphanage provides a safer future for numerous children. We are engaged in humanitarian work in Croatia, too. Our members volunteer in shelters and help socially vulnerable and those in need. To elevate your and other people's lives, join us in charity work and become a member of Kolajna ljubavi.